Khairul Ahmed

SEO Consultant and Specialist

SEO Professional Khairul Ahmed

Khairul Ahmed is a technical SEO professional working with both huge brands and small to medium-sized websites. He specializes in doing advanced technical SEO audits, on-site SEO optimization, advanced SEO analysis, and more.

Khairul Ahmed is an SEO consultant with over 3 years of experience in the industry.

He is also an SEO Specialist with over 4 years of experience in the industry. And working at a Digital Marketing Agency in the USA

As the Founder and CEO of WEB SITUATE, KHAIRUL combines his passion for SEO with her professional expertise to provide top-notch services to her clients.

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SEO Consultant and Specialist
Khairul Ahmed SEO

Khairul Ahmed’s Qualifications and Skills

Khairul has more than 4 years of diverse SEO experience backed up by a great passion and love for SEO. Most of her qualifications come from the many experiences she has gained, but she also has a lot of theoretical SEO knowledge. Khairul has so far completed 60+ in-depth SEO audits.

SEO Services Offered by Khairul Ahmed

Khairul offers four main types of SEO services, such as SEO auditing, SEO consulting, Link Building, and monthly SEO services.

Khairul’s Background and Experience as an SEO Specialist:

Khairul offers four main types of SEO services, such as SEO auditing, SEO consulting, Link Building, and monthly SEO services.

Since 2018, Khairul has been in a constant SEO loop: learning, studying, experimenting, building, testing, growing, analyzing, rinse and repeat.

Khairul has experience as an in-house SEO, as a junior/mid SEO specialist in an agency, as an SEO manager, and as a website owner. He also has experience working for big brands like Onubad Media, Jaraplay, Construction companies, big online shops, and more

Khairul’s Professional Journey

  • Khairul Ahmed has diverse work experience, having worked as an in-house SEO, an SEO agency specialist, an SEO freelancer, and now as the founder of WEB SITUATE.
  • Over her career, Khairul has collaborated with multinational brands as well as local businesses.
  • He specializes in providing advanced SEO audits and crafting robust SEO strategies.

Khairul Ahmed’s Education & Training

  • Khairul holds a BSc. in Mathematics
  • He has completed all SEO courses at the University of California, Davis.
  • He has completed certified Google Ads and Google Analytics training in Google.
  • She also completed the Diploma in Computer at BRAC.
  • Khairul has completed Full Stack MERN Developer by  Programming Hero.
  • He has a complete six-month internship as an SEO Specialist at Faisal IT Lab

Khairul’s Current Engagements

  • As CEO of WEB SITUATE, Khairul is actively involved in running her consultancy.
  • He owns the SEO YouTube channel, Khairul SEO.
  • He writes in-depth guides and articles for the Web Situate Blog.
  • He serves as an SEO Mentor.
  • He has a moderator for an SEO Facebook community group. Where 20k+ members post for SEO problem-solving.

Services Offered by Khairul Ahmed

Khairul offers various SEO services, including:

  • SEO monthly services
  • SEO auditing
  • SEO consultations
  • SEO mentorship
  • On-page SEO
  • Construction SEO
  • WordPress design and Development

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