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Who I am? What do I do?

Hello, This is Khairul Ahmed who is a professional SEO Consultant with over 3 years of experience in SEO. SEO is not just my job, it’s my biggest passion and hobby.

I provide high-level SEO services, such as SEO Auditing, SEO consultations, SEO monthly services, and E-commerce SEO, and Link Building.

What sets me apart as an SEO Consultant is the fact that SEO is my absolute passion and love (aside from my job).

I follow his holistic SEO approach. I only work with select clients who have a similar approach, understand their SEO goals, and recognize that they need it.

WEB SITUATE is his SEO blog that provides tons of valuable free and detailed tutorials, guides, and articles on SEO based on my experience as an SEO Consultant.

SEO Consultant

I’ve been in the SEO industry for 4+ years. I have experience working as an in-house SEO, at an SEO agency, as an SEO freelancer, as an SEO Specialist, and as an SEO consultant. I've worked with some of the world's biggest brands as well as local small businesses. I have experience working with affiliate websites SEO. I specialize in performing advanced in-depth SEO audits and helping businesses create (& execute) successful SEO strategies. My love for SEO is deep, and my hunger for SEO is knowledge insatiable.

- Khairul Ahmed funder and CEO of WEB SITUATE


What People Say About Me?

Jack Roman
Head of Marketing
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Working with Luca is idealize. Tall competence as a SEO Master, with exceptional aptitudes to include you within the work venture. And after that accessibility at whatever point you would like quick mediation or advice, he is admirable.
Fabio Carbone
Content Writer
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Khairul's curious nature continuously drives him on to discover the most excellent for his clients. His thirst for information and learning driven him to moving forward numerous forms and yields from our group. His work on the Apple account in specific was of the most noteworthy standard, his understanding of the brand and culture of this client was moment to none. Khairul's specialized information is unchallenged and his capacity to depict complex issues into simple terms for senior partners is an fabulous characteristic. Luca was a dream to oversee and a superb group player who was continuously on hand to assist and prepare junior members of staff.
Chris Sugden
Head of Product
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Khairul brought gigantic esteem to our group, with his clear and irresistible excitement for all things SEO. He drove a assortment of changes to assist move us up the rankings, counting working closely with our plan, item and specialized groups to find and provide on a wide cluster of opportunities, and indeed pushing our commercial teams to perceive unserved esteem within the advertise he may illustrate was there. I have no question he will proceed to demonstrate this esteem on an indeed more noteworthy scale within the future.
Louise Heap
Marketing Manager
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Khairul could be a SEO proficient who goes over and past to convey comes about. Working closely with Khairul on one of our client accounts, he illustrated his solid specialized expertise set and drive to find solutions to client challenges. Khairul is continuously sharp to learn, and rapidly got to be capable on working with our publicist and prompting on the substance technique, as well as supporting on overseeing the outreach approach. Exterior of his part on the account, Khairul displayed on a few events to the rest of the SEO group on arrangements he had found to form certain assignments more productive. He too viably overseen and made a difference to create junior individuals of the team
Graeme Sudworth
Owner of Hop Online Shop
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Khairul brings to the table a riches of information and encounter in all angles of SEO, as well as creating successful forms and expertly deciphering commerce and marketing goals into actionable SEO techniques. Khairul is additionally capable at communicating and working with advancement groups, making sagas and client stories in arrange to guarantee that any modern advancement on-site is aligned with commerce necessities and is implemented in a way that legitimately satisfies a client require. In general, Luca could be a talented SEO and computerized advertiser and I would not hesitate to suggest Khairul or to work with him once more within the future.

Brands I’ve Done SEO With/For

SEO Services I Offer

Make sure to check the full scope of SEO services I offer, including monthly SEO, SEO auditingSEO consultationsE-commerce SEOon-page SEOlocal SEO, Google My Business, and more. If you are not sure what you need, simply contact me.

Below you will learn more details about the three main types of SEO services I offer.

1. SEO Auditing

In the SEO audits I perform, I examine over 40 SEO factors and provide as much detail and explanation about each element as possible.

Get a top-quality professional SEO audit that will give you precise guidance on what next steps you need to take, what their priorities are, and what exactly you should do as a website owner.

  That’s guaranteed.

SEO Audit

2. SEO Consultations

We provide strategic SEO consulting for companies and individuals aiming to improve their  search engine rankings.

 We can help you understand what you need to do to improve your website’s ranking and provide you with the right tools and strategies to achieve that goal.

 We can also help you resolve specific SEO issues that require further investigation.

3. SEO Monthly Service

I also provide professional monthly SEO services. I am not an SEO agency, so my clients work directly with me.

I approach each customer holistically and individually. I only accept clients who understand the value of SEO and want to help them succeed at Google.


Make sure to check the full scope of SEO services I offer, including monthly SEO, SEO auditing, SEO consultations, E-commerce SEO, on-page SEO, local SEO, and more. If you are not sure what you need, simply contact me.

Khairul Ahmed’s SEO consultant & SEO specialist qualifications & skills

Here are some of my qualifications and competencies in the area of SEO and computer science:

  • I have completed all the SEO courses at the University of California, Davis. These include Search Engine Optimization, Introduction to Search Engine Optimization, Advanced Search Engine Optimization Strategies, Search Engine Optimization Fundamentals, Optimizing a Website for Search, and Advanced Content and Social Tactics to Optimize SEO.
  • I’ve completed an SEO Course from Udemy by Tomas Moravek. These include:
    SEO Copywriting, Content Marketing, SEO Link Building, WordPress SEO, WooCommerce SEO, Local SEO
  • I completed courses and got certified in SEO provided by Semrush Academy. These include SEO Crash, SEO Principles, Crafting a Winning SEO Strategy, Google Analytics 4, Advanced SEO, All-around SEO, and more.
  • I’ve completed Search Engine Optimization training in Bangladesh from Top Rated Freelancer by Hridoy.
  • I completed an internship as an SEO Specialist at Faisal IT Lab
  • I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics.
  • I have a Diploma in Information Technology.
  • I am addicted to SEO podcasts, which I listen to every day.
  • I am currently learning a lot about AI.
  • I learn SEO every day!

Here are a few articles where I spend some time every day to gain knowledge.

Other SEO Projects

Below are there are a few ways in which I share my SEO knowledge and experience with the world. I invite you to check them all and become my follower.

SEO YouTube Channel

I also have a relatively new SEO YouTube channel where I share my knowledge and experience.

My goal with this channel is to leverage my 4+ years of experience to help you avoid serious and often costly mistakes.

I create both short videos that give quick tips and detailed videos that show things like how to conduct an SEO audit.


Will you join me in spreading the SEO word even further? I would love to connect with you.
  • Check my SEO blog to see the latest articles and tutorials.
  • Subscribe to my YouTube SEO channel.
  • Follow me on Twitter and connect with me on LinkedIn.
  • Feel free to contact me directly. Drop me a message!

Thank you!

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