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Professional SEO Services By Khairul Ahmed

Looking for professional SEO services provided by an SEO professional absolutely fascinated by SEO? You’re just in the right place!

  • What sets me apart as an SEO consultant is the fact that SEO is my absolute passion and love (aside from my job).

    I’m obsessed with learning, running tests, trying new tactics, and watching my clients’ rankings rise.

     I take his holistic SEO approach and start working on a specific project and put my full effort into it.

     I only work with select clients who have a similar approach, understand their SEO goals, and view SEO  as an investment rather than a cost.

     I’m here to make your girlfriend’s SEO successful.


My SEO credentials

Take a deeper look at my credentials, skills, education, experience, and qualifications.

Khairul Ahmed SEO Services

I specialize in a wide range of SEO services to meet your specific needs. Below is an overview of the main SEO services I provide. If you have any questions or require further clarification, please feel free to contact us. I'm here to give you the information you need to make informed decisions about your SEO strategy.

SEO Auditing

The purpose of an SEO audit is to identify and resolve any issues that may be preventing your website from ranking higher in search engines.
This process is an important step in search engine optimization, as it not only solves the current problem but also helps in developing an effective SEO strategy.

  • With over 2 years of experience as an SEO auditor in an SEO agency, I specialize in providing SEO audit services, which is one of my core services.
  • My SEO audit process is very thorough and is made of 150+ steps. I spent anywhere from 15 to even 40 hours on one audit.
  • The prices of my SEO audits (depending on the type) start at $400.
  • I currently offer monthly Black Friday SEO Audits, which lets one person per month get an SEO audit 50% OFF.

My SEO audits are 100% handcrafted and prepared using a variety of paid and free SEO tools (as well as my own human SEO brain).
I offer different types of her SEO audits such as: Examples: Detailed Complete SEO Audit, Technical SEO Audit, Basic SEO Audit, Link Audit, E-E-A-T Audits, etc.

Not sure which SEO audit is the best option for you? Contact me for more information and advice on choosing an exam type.
Interested in an SEO audit?
Order one of the following types of his SEO audits today or contact me for more information or a customized quote.

Monthly SEO Services

SEO Monthly Service

The SEO landscape is constantly changing. Google updates its algorithm every day, and your competitors aren’t sleeping The only way to ensure your SEO is up to date is to hire an SEO consultant who will do her SEO for your website on a monthly basis.

  • I provide SEO services on a monthly basis and currently have the ability to acquire new customers. However, I only work with select clients who share my approach and understand the value of SEO. We have to fit in well with each other.
  • My approach is different and holistic.
    When you become my SEO client, you will be working directly with me. I’m not an SEO agency.

  •  My clients appreciate the following aspects of my monthly SEO services: 1.  Direct contact with me throughout the project, 2. Access to my calendar, allowing you to schedule a call with me whenever needed

If you’re interested in my monthly SEO services or would like more information, please fill out the contact form below or email me at I’ll get back to you within 24-72 hours to discuss your needs and determine if we’re a good match.

monthly SEO Services

SEO Consultation

One strategic high-level SEO consultation performed by an experienced SEO can save or earn you thousands, hundreds, or even millions of dollars. It’s worth it.

  • We provide strategic SEO consulting for companies and individuals aiming to improve their search engine rankings.
  • I will help you figure out what you need to do with your website to achieve better rankings and provide you with the right tools and strategies to achieve that goal.

  • There are many reasons why you need SEO advice. The most common reasons include increasing a website’s visibility in search engines (such as Google), improving overall website performance, fixing specific SEO issues, developing an SEO strategy, etc.

  • I offer the following two types of SEO consultations:1. 90-minute SEO consultation priced at $300. If you are interested in this, just use the button below to book your SEO consultation. 2. 
  • Daily SEO engagements priced at 800$/day. If you need me to solve a more complex issue, you will probably need one or more full daily engagements. Contact me to learn more details and get a quote.

All you need to do is book your 90-minute SEO consultation, describe the SEO issue you need help with and meet with me via, Google Meet at a specific time & date.

SEO Consulting

On-Page SEO Ranking Boost

99% of websites are not fully optimized in terms of on-page SEO and are missing tons of opportunities because on-page SEO… goes way beyond optimizing titles, meta descriptions, headings, and internal linking.

I offer my unique service called On-Page SEO Ranking Boost by Khairul Ahmed, which is a performance-based, detailed on-page SEO optimization service.

  • Priced at $100 per page, it targets your top specific keyword to enhance your site’s search engine ranking.
  • With a unique pricing model, you pay $50 upfront and the remaining $50 after 90 days, only if your page achieves a higher ranking or lands on the first page.
  • The more pages you order, the lower the per-page cost.
  • This service is included in my monthly SEO services.

On-Page SEO Rank Boost is a customized service and requires a thorough review of your website before we begin this journey together.
Let’s work together to see if we’re the right fit to help your website reach its full potential.


SEO Consultant

Local SEO Boost

Just like on-page SEO, local SEO also goes way beyond what most people think. A well-optimized Google Business Profile will sent you tons of super-targeted traffic and leads. I know how to do it.

  • Local SEO Boost by Khairul is a service designed to improve your Google Business Profile and Bing Places rankings in local search results.
  • In a performance-based pricing model, you pay 50% upfront and pay the other half only if the promised results are achieved within 90 days.
  • Even if you don’t see results within the time you set, you can still benefit from comprehensive Google Business Profile optimization for just 50% of the original cost.
  • This is a new service scheduled to launch in July 2023. Contact me for more information or to join the waiting list.

FAQs about Khairul Ahmed SEO Services

Here are the frequently asked questions about the SEO services I offer. If you have any other questions, feel free to contact me via e-mail or using the contact form below.

Khairul Ahmed is an SEO consultant with extensive experience in the field, having worked in various roles since 2018.

Khairul stands out due to her passion for SEO, her hands-on approach with clients, and her comprehensive suite of specialized SEO services.

Khairul selects his clients carefully, choosing those who understand the value of SEO as an investment, and who share a similar approach to SEO.

Khairul adopts a holistic approach to SEO, diving into each project fully and dedicating herself to the success of his client’s SEO strategies.

Khairul offers a range of SEO services including SEO auditing, monthly SEO service, E-commerce SEO services, SEO consultation, On-Page SEO ranking boost, local SEO boost, and SEO mentorship.

An SEO audit is a process to identify and solve problems that might prevent a website from ranking well in search engines, and Khairul offers this service to help shape an effective SEO strategy.

Khairul’s monthly SEO service involves regular work on your website’s SEO, with direct contact with Khairul throughout the project.

An SEO consultation with Khairul involves identifying what needs to be done on your website to improve rankings and providing the right tools and strategies to achieve this goal.

This unique service from Khairul offers detailed on-page SEO optimization designed to enhance your site’s search engine ranking for specific keywords.

The Local SEO Boost service is designed to enhance your Google Business Profile and Bing Places rankings in local search results.

You can contact by  filling in the contact form on her website, or by emailing her directly at

Khairul has a Bachelor's  Degree in Mathematics, studied Information Technology, and has a wealth of practical experience in SEO roles.

Web Situate is Khairul’s SEO consulting business, where she works 100% remotely with her clients.

Khairul’s capacity to take on new clients varies, and you should contact his directly to discuss potential projects.

Pricing for Khairul’s services varies depending on the type and extent of the services required, with specific pricing details available upon request.

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